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MSI offers a complete line of technical and consulting services designed to achieve success using a Condition Based approach to performing maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Optimization

  • Reduce unnecessary PM activities or reduce frequencies of PM activities taking into consideration PDM program
  • Confirm worthwhile PM activities are implemented and tracked
  • Ensure proper implementation of PM program activities within CMMS

Work Process Assessment

  • Identify opportunities to streamline and optimize work management processes with a focus on reliability and CBM
  • Ensure efficient use of CMMS to track maintenance activities
  • Implement optimized work processes to ensure effective work identification, planning and scheduling, work execution, and work closeout
  • Implement work control procedures that properly prioritize maintenance based on equipment criticality
  • Implement a root cause analysis program to properly address recurring problems

PDM Program Audit

  • Establish formalized PDM program with procedures, processes, roles and responsibilities clearly defined
  • Ensure optimized use of PdM technologies and integration with PM program
  • Identify targeted areas where PdM can be utilized for improving the reliability of critical assets
  • Ensure requirements are clearly defined for any contracted PDM support services

PDM Services

  • Program development and implementation
  • Provide vibration analysis, oil analysis, ultrasonic testing, infrared inspections, and motor testing
  • Provide training and certification courses to establish and/or maintain the highest level of skills and quality for PdM activities performed by plant personnel

Asset Management Training Programs

  • Generate broader awareness of CBM program value-added and benefits of soliciting advice from PDM personnel for recurring problems
  • Disseminate of O&M best practices to reduce repeat repairs and avoid equipment failures caused by poor practices
  • Encourage buy-in and increase staff morale with training

WebView Implementation for Operator Rounds

  • Implement the use of WebView 2000 for automating and managing operator rounds activities
  • Develop new work processes for managing the data captured from Ops Rounds
  • Develop standardized reporting processes for following up on adverse conditions identified from the Ops Rounds process
  • Establish metrics to track program effectiveness and benefits (as related to avoided equipment failures, reliability, etc)

WebView Implementation for CBM activities

  • Establish systematic and automated electronic collection of carefully selected CBM and operational data that is made broadly accessible to the entire organization
  • Establishing automated notification criteria and processes to alert asset owners when conditions are abnormal or degrading allowing for improved maintenance scheduling and outage planning
  • Create a CBM process that links condition data in WebView into the work management process for optimizing maintenance
  • Improved internal teamwork through timely information exchange and coordinated responses to known equipment conditions
  • Institutionalize knowledge that would otherwise be lost with an aging workforce nearing retirement