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Turnkey Solution: Implementation, Software as a Service, Help Desk and Onsite Support
Preventive Maintenance
  • PM's customized based on criticality, duty cycle and experience/history
    • Inspection points define tasks and trendable results
    • In-Service Inspections (ISI)
    • Shutdown / Seasonal PM's
    • Lubrication activities
  • Handhelds capture and trend PM inspection points /results
    • Capture as-found/as-left data/images
    • Auto-close PM work orders
  • Examples of PM activities:
    • Equipment Inspections
    • Lubrication activities (sampling, greasing, level checks)
    • Electrical Testing (motors, generators, transformers)
    • Functional Testing (controls, fire testing)
    • Instrument & Relay Calibration
    • Equipment Cleaning (i.e. cooling towers, HVAC coils)
For additional information, please contact MSI at or 800-676-6565 ext. 2