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Maintenance Strategies Inc. focuses on equipment asset management and maintenance optimization. We implement condition-based maintenance software and programs to cost effectively improve reliability / maintainability, reduce life cycle costs, increase energy efficiency and extend useful life of equipment.

Asset Management Software

MSI’s WebView 2000 is an advanced Internet-based data management and decision support system. It collects and integrates all operational and condition monitoring data to provide comprehensive assessments of equipment health and status. Automated algorithms, analytical tools, notifications, and exception tracking ensure data is utilized to optimize operational performance and maintenance policies.

WebView 2000 includes interfaces to predictive maintenance tools and laboratories. Rugged handheld devices with bar-coding automate the collection of data previously recorded on paper log sheets. WebView can be interfaced to existing systems including CMMS systems to provide a CBM process that triggers work orders based on condition information.

Professional Services

Illustrative services include Software / WebView 2000 Implementation, Preventive Maintenance Program Optimization, Work Process Assessment, Predictive Maintenance Program Audit, Predictive Maintenance Services and Training Programs.

We provide organizational assessments, facilitate the sharing of best practices and establish improved policies, procedures and allocation of responsibilities. We provide support services and training in predictive maintenance techniques including Vibration Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Oil Analysis, Ultrasonic Testing and Electric System diagnostics.